Translocation of red squirrels

You can read the recently published Guidance note for red squirrels in the Highlands final December 2016.

This guidance will inform the way forward for translocation (the deliberate movement and release of living organisms for conservation purposes) of red squirrels in the Highlands. It will ensure that translocations are carried out in appropriate woodlands.

The guidance sets out a robust framework to identify the reasons for selecting particular woodlands for translocation of reds. It is intended to help owners (or their representatives), conservationists and government officers in preparing and assessing proposals for translocation. It recognises that translocation is a valuable tool for red squirrel conservation in the Highlands

Criteria have been clarified to identify woodlands and provide a planning framework that can provide the basis for success that will contribute to the Scottish Strategy for Red Squirrel Conservation

The need to consider translocation is being driven by the threatened conservation status of red squirrels throughout the UK.

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