New home for red squirrel records

You can now see red squirrel records from all around the UK by clicking here.

The National Biodivesity Network has records of all sorts of species ranging from insects to flowering plants to some of our favorite mammals.  Recently red squirrel records have been added and you can see that whilst many of these records are recent, some are very old.  You can see that most of ther red squirrel records from southern England date back to the 1940s which shows how things have changed!

This is an important resource for information and interrogation.  However, you will notice that not all the Highland records are correct – I think an error of grid reference input.  This should not happen anymore as sightings can be made without the need of a grid reference on our website.

If you have any current red squirrel sightings in the Highlands, please do continue to send your sightings through this website and these will then be added to the NBN at a later stage.

Happy map interrogating!



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