National red squirrel project launched

An EU funded and National Lottery Sciurus Life project has been launched that will enable local communities across the north of England and Wales to become involved in conserving the red squirrel. The Sciurius Life project aims are to:

  • Develop mechanisms to prevent the unintentional introduction of grey squirrels to currently uncolonised woodland landscapes;
  • Develop early warning/rapid response mechanisms to ensure the island of Anglesey in North Wales is not recolonised;
  • Develop rapid response mechanisms to mitigate the impacts of grey squirrels in urban woodlands;
  • Develop early warning systems to detect greys in sparsely populated rural landscapes;
  • Develop more efficient strategic mechanisms to evolve community-based grey squirrel management;
  • Quantify the financial and community-based resources needed to achieve regional eradication;

Read more about their aims by clicking here.  It is vital that continued efforts to control greys in England and Wales occurs.  This will help the cause of our Highland red squirrels in the long run.

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