Meet a squirrel detective

Meet Francis McWilliams who is a Number 1 red squirrel detective!  He is keeping an eye on the feeder shown above near the duck pond at Dunain Community woodland in Inverness.

Thanks to Francis the feeder is topped up regularly and is now attracting a constant stream of red squirrels to it.  This means we hope to have this site as a red squirrel ‘hot spot‘.

He is a very valued volunteer and we would like to thank him for all his efforts, past, present and future!

4 thoughts on “Meet a squirrel detective”

  1. Francis.

    What is the “beastie” with three white legs sticking out of the tree?

    Walking frame, stool or camera tripod? Keep up the red squirrel detective work!

  2. Hi Francis, It was good to meet you last Friday 22/7/11 and have registered
    my sighting of a red squirrel near Invergarry. Thank you for your
    information as I was not aware of such an informative site. Hopefully next
    time I will be able to get a photograph and grid reference.

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