Feeding red squirrels

Why feed red squirrels?

Feeding them in your garden (or local woodland) gives them a fighting chance for survival when times are hard.  This is certainly true at the moment with the harsh winter weather!

What should I feed them?

In the wild, they love to eat nuts, seeds, berries and fungi.  Serving up hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and unsalted peanuts will provide a welcome feast.  Click on this link to download a useful guidance note.

How often should I feed them?

Feeding red squirrels provides a supplement to their regular food gathering.  Providing small quantities every 3-4 days helps them to top up without becoming dependent on one place.  Click on this link to build your own red squirrel feeder box!  Thanks to Allan Bantick of Cairngorm Wildlife for this clever design.  Or if you would rather buy one, local hardware shops and garages often stock them, or look them up on internet to be delivered to your door.  I find this supplier particularly good.

Laura 2

Where are there good suppliers of red squirrel food?

I have found that the most competitve places to buy food are large pet shops and hardware shops.  If you live in or near Inverness, Harbro is an excellent source.   Another good supplier is Petstop in Fort William., where they have similar deals to Harbro.

PLEASE NOTE!  This advice is in relation to the HIGHLANDS where we are luckily grey squirrel free.  If you are in an area where there are both red and grey, it is advisable NOT to feed as it can spread the disease squirrelpox, which is fatal to red squirrels.  ALSO NOTE THE PRICE OF PEANUTS HAS RISEN HUGELY SINCE THIS EMAIL WAS WRITTEN.  Consider using sunflower seeds instead

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