Calling all photographers!

If you are keen at taking photos of wildlife, come to our Hot Spots to get some great pictures.  It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, amateur or professsional; hot spot facilities should help you capture a really good image of red squirrels.

Yorkshire hide

You can see in the photo above that a hide in Yorkshire is providing a great facility for photographers.  You can read more about it by clkcing here

At our 12 Highland hot spots shown on the leaflet, currently we have 2 sites with special viewing screens which are ideal for photographers.  The screens have spy holes to faciltate photography and general ‘spying’!  These can be found at Craig Dunain in Inverness and Glen Righ near Fort William. 

The hot spot site at Glengarry will have it’s very own wildlife hide in the forest just like the one shown above.  This will be built within the next year or so.  Watch this space for more news of this new hide!

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